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Unique Nappy Cakes – Go Further than Flowers!

Are you stuck for gift ideas that both mother and baby will love? You must be tired of buying boring gifts like flowers and chocolates. The search for a thoughtful, creative gift begins and ends with Unique Nappy Cakes.

You may have seen nappy cakes on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest and felt inspired to buy one for that upcoming baby shower in your diary. True to our name, every nappy cake created by us is absolutely unique. Our designs cannot be found anywhere else, and these one-of-a-kind creations are sure to deliver that undeniable WOW-factor to any lucky mum and bub!

At Unique Nappy Cakes, each gift is hand crafted with the utmost care, attention and forethought. When you buy one of our nappy cakes, you can trust us to curate your gift to your personal requests. With custom services available as well as the classic tiered cake model, we will craft your nappy cake to any shape or theme to the best of our ability. If you would like to see what we mean, take a look at some of our products!

Our gifts are not only aesthetically incredible, but also functional: our Dinner Set provides a complete kit for a yummy dinner time, while our Bath Time-themed nappy cakes contain all the supplies a new parent will need for a fun and soothing bath time! Regardless of the theme, every Unique Nappy Cake we design consists only of the most useful materials, so nothing goes to waste.

Our promise is that your Unique Nappy Cake experience will leave the happy recipient with a thoughtful gift they will never forget.


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