About Us

Unique Nappy Cakes was founded out of the desire to add practical, personalised flair to all celebrations of new life. Every baby, every mum, and every family is different, and we celebrate this diversity by creating truly Unique Nappy Cakes that are as beautiful as they are useful! 

Unique Nappy Cakes are the perfect gift, whether you’re attending a baby shower, pregnancy announcement, gender reveals or hospital visit. We don’t only cater to newborns: We can also create nappy cakes for older babies and even young toddlers!

All baby products used within Unique Nappy Cakes are of the highest quality, starting with the iconic ‘Huggies’ nappies, which are artfully transformed into any shape or design that you can dream up. Throughout this process, we ensure all nappies are kept in a usable state, so the gift maintains its effectiveness and function.

The next step of our creation journey is to decorate the bare nappy cake with any baby essentials – this can include rattles, booties, socks, mittens, blankets, wash cloths, teddies and more! We are happy to adapt your nappy cake to any request and customise it to your liking. Each nappy cake is lovingly made to order, so you can trust that we put care and consideration into bringing your vision to life.  

Each nappy cake created is subject to rigorous standards of hygiene. All surfaces are cleaned with anti-bacterial agents prior to creation, and all nappy cake materials are handled with latex-free gloves throughout the entire creation process. We take every possible measure to minimise the risk of exposing treasured little ones to harmful bacteria. 

Our mission is to provide fully customisable, personalised and practical gifts to all Aussie parents. We can deliver all across Australia, and will do whatever we can to ensure that your experience with Unique Nappy Cakes is one worth remembering. Get in touch today to see how we can craft your Unique Nappy Cake experience!